Management Team

Founder & CEO

Serge Randolphe Jr

Mr. Randolphe graduated from Bentley College and found Catering Brand. Before this, he worked with various corporations for 20 years in sales and marketing sector as well as with Ogilvy for five years as a Field Marketer.

His stint at Ogilvy saw him being the most leading field marketer for the southeast region. His 20 years in sales and marketing functions covers diverse industries including technology and the internet. Other sectors comprise GPS Tracking, telecommunications, ISO certification, credit card facilitation as well as funding in tobacco and Fortune 500 entities.

His experience is not limited to corporations. He is well versed with the setting up of mid-size and start-ups, endearing them to the values clients. His across the board involvement has honed by aptitude for market analysis, customer relations, sales promotion as well as direct marketing acumen. New product launches and innovative sales concepts are part of his huge acclaims.

Independent Board Advisor

Julius Spradling

Julius Spradling holds a Master degree in Analytical Chemistry from Marshall University. He worked for Ciba-Geigy and Union Carbide for the next 21 years. Later, Spradling left Ciba-Geigy to start Spradling venture under the Arby’s franchise. For the next 19 years, he successfully managed the franchising outfit prudently. His accomplishment has seen him being elected a member of the Historic Preservation Commission. It is responsible for the preservation of historic buildings in Guilford County.

During the last eight years, he has been a volunteer in making presentations for Junior Achievement involving High School Students on Entrepreneurship. Mr. Spradling’s franchise experience will be instrumental in Catering Brand to extend the subways franchise further to 3,000 outlets. His responsibilities will include consulting for opportunities to partner with other franchises.

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